World's smallest BTLE / 802.15.4 Radio

The transformative potential of IoT devices is immense. The sheer number of interconnected devices requires compelling hardware solutions that are cost-effective, low power, and can co-exist with various wireless technologies. The radio is an integral part of the IoT solution with significant impact on the system power consumption. Aura provides the world’s smallest IoT radio for BTLE and 802.15.4 standard with highest performance and seamless coexistence with other RF technologies.

Key Specifications of BTLE + 802.15.4 Radio

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

  • 5.9mA RX peak current from 1.2V supply
  • 6.1mA TX peak current from 1.2V supply

Superior Transceiver Performance

  • -96dBm RX sensitivity
  • Excellent RX blocker performance on all channels of BTLE
  • 0dBm TX output power with an option of +6dBm output

Smallest Die Size

  • 0.5 mm2 analog hard IP