Portable Audio

High Fidelity Speakerphone and Headphone Amplifiers

The smartphone and tablet revolution has shaped up a multi-billion dollar portable audio market. This market places tough challenges on products providing high fidelity audio. Aura has developed patented speakerphone and headphone amplifier technology that provides the highest performance at the smallest form-factor.

Key Specifications of Aura's Speakerphone Amplifiers

High Fidelity

  • Class AB amplifier architecture
  • Excellent THD throughout the power range of 3.6W + 3.6W stereo output

Low Power Consumption

  • Novel supply modulation delivers efficiency higher than boosted class-D amps
  • Low quiescent current

Smallest Form Factor Solution

  • Smallest stereo amplifier IC and lower BOM

Key Specifications of Aura's Headphone Amplifiers

High Fidelity

  • Excellent THD throughout the power range of 125mW
  • THD < -100dB at 30mW

Low Power Consumption

  • 1.7mA quiescent current from 1.8V supply
  • Dual rail class G operation

Lowest BOM

  • Integrated resistors, I2C gain control